Dr. Grace Hamman is a writer and independent scholar of medieval literature. She graduated with her doctorate in English from Duke University in 2019, and has years of teaching experience. Grace also writes a podcast and blog on old books and their relevance to our lives today, at oldbookswithgrace.com. She is currently working on a book about medieval humility in authors like Julian of Norwich, William Langland, and the Pearl-poet. She lives in Denver with her husband, Scott, and their three young kids.

Grace is available for…

Teaching and Tutoring Writing and Literature
Grace has taught composition and literature courses at different colleges and universities, including Duke University, the University of Arizona, and Meredith College. She has also tutored numerous students in writing at all levels at the Duke University Writing Studio, as well as students with reading disabilities at Lindamood-Bell.

Speaking Events on Literature and Christianity
Do you belong to a group at a church or ministry and would like to learn more about church history, theology, and medieval and early modern writing? Grace has led reading groups, both in-person and online in several venues. Grace has also taught in large group settings, both in-person and online. She has a passion for sharing knowledge often thought of as specialist or academic in order to grow and learn together.

Editing, Writing, and Critical Thinking Help
Grace has edited several books both inside and outside of the academy. Do you have a project you’re working on that needs a critical eye and some brainstorming? Grace has participated in countless writing groups providing feedback and help in revising and shaping pieces for publication.